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5 Conversation Strategies for a Memorable Dinner Out at Clifton Hill’s Kelsey’s and Boston Pizza

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Playing host for an event does not come naturally to everyone but with our guidance, you can host even the most memorable gathering at a venue of your choice, and not necessarily in your home. Being in charge means you pick the perfect place that caters to the dietary needs of all guests and send out the invites. Clifton Hill offers Kelsey’s and Boston Pizza, both great choice restaurants with distinct fun-filled atmospheres. Beyond their mouthwatering menus, you can also look forward to live music and screenings of sports games.

Selecting the perfect venue and completing reservations is only the first major hurdle. Making the night unforgettable involves much more. To assist you, we have compiled a list of surefire conversation topics and fun games to initiate enlightening discussions and create a bond among your guests.

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Kelsey's Dinner Group

1: Introductions

A dinner party is perfect for social networking. Once all invitees are present and the menus are available, initiate conversations by having guests introduce themselves to each other. Encourage them to share something exciting or interesting about themselves to stimulate further conversations.

2: Starters

With the ice broken and everyone familiarizing with the menu, keep the conversation engaging and light-hearted. You might encourage sharing of appetizers such as tasty nachos from Kelsey’s or tangy wings/boneless bites from Boston Pizza. Prompt everyone to share an interesting or funny story from their teenage years.

Boston Pizza Nachos

3: Two Truths and a Lie

Once the pallet-pleasing appetizers are cleared and the main dishes are on the way, it’s time for the first game – “Two Truths and a Lie.” Every guest creates two truthful statements and one lie about themselves. The rest of the group then attempts to figure out the lie. Bring an element of science or competition to this game with a coveted prize for the most accurate guesser.

Boston Pizza

4: Connect

As guests begin to relish their main courses, conversations can naturally evolve into smaller intimate discussions. As a host, a key role is to ensure that all guests are involved in these conversations. Guide the conversation in such a way that everyone is able to contribute, keeping in mind their interests, passions, and hobbies. This will ensure that the interaction remains vibrant throughout.

5: Questions and Answers

After the meal, when only drinks remain on the table, request the waiter to provide paper scraps and pens for a question-answer game. Prepare a list of questions and pass them around for guests to provide anonymous answers. The answers are read aloud, and guests take turns guessing who wrote which answer. You would be surprised at how fascinating some of the answers can be!

Boston Pizza
Boston Pizza Clifton Hill
Kelseys Exterior
Kelsey’s Clifton Hill
Kelsey's Dinner Group

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