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Family-friendly hotels in Niagara Falls

Discover the Ultimate Family Getaway: Family-Friendly Hotels in Niagara Falls

Discover the Ultimate Family Getaway: Family-Friendly Hotels in Niagara Falls


Niagara Falls, located at the border of Ontario, Canada, and New York, USA, is one of the most awe-inspiring natural wonders of the world. Its majestic waterfalls, stunning views, and a plethora of family-friendly attractions make it an ideal destination for a memorable family getaway. While planning a trip to Niagara Falls, one crucial aspect to consider is choosing the right accommodation that caters to the needs of the entire family. Luckily, Niagara Falls is home to several family-friendly hotels that offer a range of amenities and activities to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay for families. In this article, we will explore some of the best family-friendly hotels in Niagara Falls.

1. Heading 1: Sheraton on the Falls – A Paradise for Families

The Sheraton on the Falls is a renowned family-friendly Hotel that offers unparalleled views of the falls and a wide range of amenities tailored to cater to families. The Hotel boasts spacious and comfortable rooms equipped with all the necessary amenities for a pleasant stay. Families can choose from various room options, including suites that provide separate living areas, perfect for those with young children.

One of the highlights of the Sheraton on the Falls is its Fallsview Indoor Waterpark. This massive waterpark features multiple water slides, a wave pool, hot springs, and play areas suitable for both kids and adults. Families can spend hours of endless fun and create cherished memories within the waterpark’s vibrant and playful atmosphere.

Additionally, the Hotel offers various dining options, including family-friendly restaurants that serve a wide range of cuisines. Families can indulge in delicious meals while enjoying panoramic views of the falls.

2. Heading 2: Great Wolf Lodge – A Haven of Fun and Adventure

Another family-friendly Hotel in Niagara Falls that should be on every family’s radar is the Great Wolf Lodge. This unique Hotel is renowned for its extensive range of entertainment options for kids of all ages. Upon arrival, families can expect to be greeted by the Hotel‘s mascot, Wiley the Wolf, setting the tone for an exciting adventure.

The highlight of the Great Wolf Lodge is its massive indoor waterpark, which spans over 100,000 square feet. The waterpark features numerous water slides, splash pads, a lazy river, and a gigantic tipping bucket that guarantees endless hours of water-based fun. The waterpark also offers activities such as water basketball and wave pools, ensuring families have a splashing good time.

In addition to the waterpark, the Great Wolf Lodge offers a wide variety of other activities for families. These include an arcade, mini-golf, bowling, and a ropes course. The Hotel‘s spacious suites are designed with families in mind, providing ample space to relax and unwind after a day full of adventures.

3. Heading 3: Marriott Niagara Falls Fallsview Hotel & Spa – Luxury and Family-Friendly

The Marriott Niagara Falls Fallsview Hotel & Spa offers a perfect blend of luxury and family-oriented amenities. The Hotel‘s prime location provides stunning views of the falls while offering easy access to various attractions and entertainment options.

The spacious and elegantly designed rooms at the Marriott Niagara Falls Fallsview Hotel & Spa ensure that families have a comfortable stay. Families can choose from different room options, including suites with separate living areas, ensuring everyone has enough space for relaxation.

One of the standout features of this Hotel is its indoor pool area. The pool is large and features a separate area for children, where they can splash around and enjoy water-based activities under the supervision of certified lifeguards. Furthermore, the Hotel offers a kid’s club, where children can engage in various supervised activities, art, and crafts, and games.

Additionally, the Marriott Niagara Falls Fallsview Hotel & Spa provides easy access to nearby family-friendly attractions such as Clifton Hill, where families can explore a wide range of entertainment options, including miniature golf, arcades, and wax museums.

4. Heading 4: The Tower Hotel – A Unique and Family-Oriented Experience

The Tower Hotel, located directly across from Niagara Falls, offers a distinctive family-oriented experience. This boutique Hotel boasts spacious rooms with breathtaking views of the falls, providing families with a remarkable backdrop for their vacation.

The Tower Hotel offers various room options, including family suites that provide extra space for larger families. The suites feature separate living areas, ensuring parents and children have ample privacy and comfort during their stay.

One of the unique features of the Tower Hotel is its observation deck, which offers panoramic views of Niagara Falls. Families can immerse themselves in the beauty of the falls and create lasting memories. Moreover, the Hotel provides telescope rentals, allowing families to observe the falls up close and personal.

Additionally, the Tower Hotel is within walking distance of various family-friendly attractions, including the Fallsview Indoor Waterpark and the Clifton Hill Entertainment District. Families can easily explore these attractions and indulge in a range of exciting activities suitable for all ages.


Niagara Falls is a dream destination for families looking to create lasting memories and enjoy a fun-filled getaway. With its breathtaking views and numerous family-friendly attractions, this natural wonder offers a wide range of accommodations perfectly suited for families. Whether it’s the Sheraton on the Falls, the Great Wolf Lodge, Marriott Niagara Falls Fallsview Hotel & Spa, or the Tower Hotel, each Hotel provides unique experiences and amenities that cater to the needs of families, making their visit to Niagara Falls truly unforgettable. So, start planning your family getaway to Niagara Falls and explore all these incredible family-friendly hotels for an ultimate vacation experience.

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