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Niagara Falls local farmers markets

Explore the Bounty of Niagara Falls at Local Farmers Markets

Explore the Bounty of Niagara Falls at Local Farmers Markets


Niagara Falls is not only famous for its stunning natural beauty, but also for its vibrant local food scene. One of the best ways to experience the rich agricultural heritage of this region is by visiting the various farmers markets that dot the area. From fresh fruits and vegetables to artisanal products and homemade treats, these markets offer a bounty of goodies that will satisfy any food lover’s cravings. In this article, we will explore some of the top farmers markets in Niagara Falls and the delicious offerings they bring to the table.

1. Niagara Falls Farmers Market

The Niagara Falls Farmers Market is a must-visit for both locals and tourists. Located in the heart of downtown Niagara Falls, this market is open year-round and features a wide variety of local produce, meats, cheeses, baked goods, crafts, and more. It is the perfect place to stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables for your stay or pick up a unique souvenir to take back home.

One of the highlights of the Niagara Falls Farmers Market is the abundance of fresh Niagara peaches and cherries during the summer months. These fruits are grown locally and are known for their intense flavor and juiciness. Visitors can also find a wide selection of other seasonal fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes, corn, zucchini, and squash.

In addition to fresh produce, the market also offers a variety of artisanal products, including homemade jams, jellies, honey, and maple syrup. These delicious treats make for great gifts or can be enjoyed for breakfast or dessert. The market is also home to several food vendors, where you can grab a bite to eat while taking in the lively atmosphere.

2. Welland Farmers Market

Located just a short drive from Niagara Falls, the Welland Farmers Market is another popular destination for food enthusiasts. This market has been operating since 1907 and is steeped in history and tradition. It is open every Saturday from 6 am to 12 pm, rain or shine.

At the Welland Farmers Market, visitors can expect to find a wide selection of locally grown fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Many of the products sold here are organic and grown using sustainable farming practices, making it a great place for those seeking healthier options. The market also features local artisans who sell handmade crafts, jewelry, and artwork.

One of the unique features of the Welland Farmers Market is its community kitchen, which hosts cooking demonstrations and workshops. Visitors can learn new recipes and cooking techniques using the fresh ingredients available at the market. It is a great opportunity to get inspired and try something new in the kitchen.

3. Niagara-on-the-Lake Farmers Market

Niagara-on-the-Lake is known for its picturesque vineyards and wineries, but it also boasts a charming farmers market. This market takes place every Saturday morning from May to October in the heart of the historic downtown area.

At the Niagara-on-the-Lake Farmers Market, visitors can find a wide array of seasonal produce, including fresh berries, heirloom tomatoes, and vibrant flowers. The market is also renowned for its selection of local cheeses and gourmet food products, such as artisanal bread, olive oils, and specialty sauces.

What sets this market apart is its focus on community and sustainability. Many of the vendors are small-scale farmers who prioritize organic and eco-friendly practices. Visitors can have conversations with the farmers and learn about the origins of the food they are purchasing.

4. St. Catharines Farmers Market

Located in the neighboring city of St. Catharines, this farmers market has been a staple of the community for over 140 years. It is one of the oldest continuously operating markets in Ontario and is open year-round.

The St. Catharines Farmers Market offers an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as a range of specialty products. Visitors can find everything from baked goods and locally sourced meats to homemade preserves and fresh-cut flowers.

One of the main attractions at this market is the vibrant outdoor courtyard, where visitors can relax and enjoy live music while sampling the local fare. It is the perfect place to soak up the atmosphere and connect with the community.


Niagara Falls and its surrounding region are blessed with a diverse and fertile agricultural landscape. Exploring the local farmers markets is not only a delightful way to indulge in the bountiful produce of the area but also an opportunity to learn about the rich flavors and traditions that define this region.

From the Niagara Falls Farmers Market to the St. Catharines Farmers Market, each market offers a unique experience and a chance to connect with local growers and artisans. Whether you are looking for fresh fruits and vegetables, artisanal products, or simply a vibrant atmosphere, these farmers markets are sure to satisfy all your senses and leave you with a taste of the Niagara region’s true bounty.

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