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Exploring Valentine’s Day Traditions Around the World from Canada and the US to Japan, France, Germany, Scotland, and Wales on February 14th

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Romantic gestures such as exchanging love letters, giving special gifts or flowers, and planning intimate dinners or nights out with the ones we love are typical ways we celebrate Valentine’s Day in Canada and the United States. These traditions set the tone on February 14th each year. However, these customs are unique to us and not a universal practice…Events in Niagara

Continue reading to discover some fascinating Valentine’s Day customs that lovers around the world maintain, many of whom have experienced Niagara Falls over the years.

In Japan, Valentine’s Day extends beyond just a one-day event. Although the day is generally dedicated to men expressing their feelings towards the women they adore elsewhere, the Japanese twist the norm. Here, February 14th is a day when only women give presents to men. It is a day set aside for Japanese women, who are traditionally shy, to express their feelings to the men they’re interested in, all without uttering a word.

France had a peculiar Valentine’s Day tradition, which has now been discontinued. It was commonly referred to as the ‘love lottery’, where pairs of lovers were matched together by yelling their names through facing windows. Their romantic exploits are now limited to writing amorous poetry and messages.

The Germans, in contrast, added a unique touch to Valentine’s Day celebrations. Aside from the common Valentine’s Day gifts, they also incorporate symbolisms such as the pig, which is deemed a sign of luck and lust.

Valentine’s Day in Scotland is celebrated with a festival where men and women are paired off after drawing names. If the man’s name is drawn, he becomes the Valentine and gifts the chosen woman with a love token or true-love-knot.

In Wales, Valentine’s Day is instead known as “Dwynwen’s Day,” celebrated on January 25. The tradition stems from a local romantic folk tale, leading Welsh people to exchange lovespoons as a symbol of their affection.

These unique Valentine’s Day customs are commonly practiced by tourists visiting the beautiful Niagara Falls, a worldwide symbol of romance and marital bliss.

Niagara Falls: The World’s Honeymoon Capital

Did you know that Niagara Falls has been a popular honeymoon destination for over 200 years? Among the first high-profile couples to visit this magnificent natural wonder for their honeymoon were Theodosia Burr and Joseph Alston in 1801, and Jerome Bonaparte and Elizabeth Patterson in 1804.

Thanks to the construction of the Erie Canal in 1825, the honeymoon capital of the world became accessible to everyone. It’s much easier to get to Niagara Falls today than it was in the 19th century, but the allure remains unchanged: witnessing the magnificent splendour of Niagara Falls is still a testament of love.

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