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Best pizzerias in Niagara Falls area

Savor the Slice: Unearthing the Top Pizzerias in Niagara Falls

Top Pizzerias in <a href="">Niagara Falls</a> – Savor the Slice

Savor the Slice: Unearthing the Top Pizzerias in Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls, well-known for its breathtaking waterfalls, is also a delightful haven for pizza lovers. The city offers an array of options when it comes to mouthwatering pizzerias, each with its own unique twist and flavors. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, here is a list of the best pizzerias in the Niagara Falls area that will surely satisfy your pizza cravings.

1. Franco’s Pizza

Located in the heart of Niagara Falls, Franco’s Pizza is a local favorite known for its delicious thin crust pizza. Their secret family recipe has been passed down for generations and continues to delight customers. With a menu featuring a wide variety of toppings, from classic margherita to creative combinations like chicken bacon ranch, Franco’s has something for everyone.

2. La Cucina Di Mamma

La Cucina Di Mamma is a charming Italian restaurant tucked away in the Niagara Falls area. While they offer a diverse menu, their pizza steals the show. They use only the freshest ingredients and their dough is made in-house, resulting in a perfect combination of crispy crust and flavorful toppings. Their wood-fired oven enhances the taste, giving their pizzas an authentic Italian touch.

3. Napoli Ristorante

Napoli Ristorante has been a staple in the Niagara Falls community for over 20 years. This family-owned and operated pizzeria focuses on traditional Neapolitan-style pizzas, cooked to perfection in a brick oven. Their classic Margherita pizza is a favorite among locals and tourists alike, with its simplicity allowing the quality of the ingredients to shine through.

4. Bella Pizza

Craving a slice of New York-style pizza? Look no further than Bella Pizza. Located in the heart of Niagara Falls, this pizzeria offers a slice of the Big Apple’s culinary culture. Their large, thin-crust pizzas are loaded with generous toppings and served piping hot. Bella Pizza’s friendly atmosphere and speedy service make it a go-to spot for locals on the hunt for a quick yet delicious pizza fix.

5. Queenston Pizza

Queenston Pizza is a local gem tucked away in the Queenston neighborhood of Niagara Falls. This hidden treasure is renowned for its unique pizza creations. From their Greek-inspired pizza with feta cheese and olives to the Indian-inspired pizza topped with tandoori chicken and curry sauce, Queenston Pizza offers a variety of inventive flavors that will leave your taste buds wanting more.

6. Mick & Angelo’s Eatery and Bar

Mick & Angelo’s Eatery and Bar is a local hotspot known for its vibrant atmosphere and delectable cuisine. While they offer a diverse menu, their pizza is a standout item. Their wood-fired pizzas are made to order with a deliciously thin and crispy crust. With a plethora of toppings and a variety of specialty pizzas, Mick & Angelo’s offers something for every pizza lover.

7. Criveller Cakes & Pastries

Criveller Cakes & Pastries may be renowned for their delectable cakes and pastries, but their pizza is also a hidden gem. This family-owned bakery offers delectable thick-crust pizza with traditional toppings and a choice of complimentary sauces, from traditional marinara to creamy Alfredo. Their pizzas are perfect for sharing with family and friends, making it a popular destination for gatherings.

In conclusion, Niagara Falls is not only a feast for the eyes but also for the taste buds. The city offers a variety of pizzerias catering to different tastes and preferences. From traditional thin-crust pizzas to unique and inventive toppings, these top pizzerias in the Niagara Falls area are sure to satisfy any pizza lover’s cravings. So, next time you find yourself near the falls, don’t miss the opportunity to savor the slice!

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