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UNICORN – Unique Art Workshops for Kids to be Held on Wednesday, March 6, 2024 from 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM | City of Niagara Falls, Canada Events Calendar

UNIQUE UNICORN – Art Workshops Tailored for Children!

Wednesday, March 6, 2024 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM

Located in Niagara Falls, Chippewa Village

Event Organizer: Denise Hent – Contact Number: 289-255-1902

UNIQUE UNICORN provides art workshops for children across all age groups. We aim to establish a welcoming atmosphere where children can uncover their artistic potentials. Our superior, arts-centered program lets your young ones delve into diverse art forms, including but not limited to painting, drawing, fiber arts, sculpture, and drama. In addition, we accentuate the learning experience with soothing classical music, promoting a tranquil ambiance.

Visit our UNIQUE UNICORN – Art Workshops Tailored for Children website for more information.

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